Global NR

About Global NR

Two thirds of the world is covered by water.  
The rest by the Global Network for Research

GlobalNR is your point of contact to a consortium of research professionals working in partnership across the world. Providing you instant access to on-the-ground knowledge, resources, fieldwork and local market insights via a single point of contact in your own domestic market. Comprising a network of leading research companies in 21 world locations, GlobalNR members share common goals and standards in their approach and professional delivery to client projects.

Established in 1989, initially as 'EuroNet', GlobalNR is a multi-country consortium of professional research companies, from around the world,working to the same standards and ideals.

GlobalNR works according to these principles:

all members are supportive of each other and their clients

collaborating together on international studies

exchanging experience and techniques

sharing responsibility and knowledge

delivering full service qualitative and quantitative research

combining local experience and know how across a truly global network