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15 Oct 2013

GlobalNR in Asia

GlobalNR in Asia

Members of the GlobalNR network were active in the Asian region in April 2013. Jean Michel Lelievre (BVA, France), Shin Ae Choi (Hancook, South Korea) and Pieter Paul Verheggen (Motivaction, The Netherlands) were present at the ESOMAR APAC conference in Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh-city) to here what the most recent developments in this region of the globe are.

One of the most striking developments is the increasing spending power of women. Mrs. Ton Nu Thi (Vietnam representative for the EU) said in her key note speech that the spending power of women already is higher in some Asian countries (among them Vietnam) than that of men (over 50%). In particular younger women are more and more the manager of the 'household purse'. This group is also very much into social media on their smartphones and tablets and is a very important group for market research.

Following the ESOMAR APAC conference we held our bi-annual meeting of GlobalNR in Tokyo. The meeting was hosted by Takehana Jun (R&D research Tokyo) and was attended by 7 countries (France, Austria, Japan, The Netherlands, USA, China and Finland). During the meeting GlobalNR welcomed potential new members in Indonesia and in Africa (Kenya). At the next GlobalNR meeting in Munich, the new members will present themselves.

Our network has decided to start a global study on elderly consumers and their need for healthcare. With this syndicated study GlobalNR has worldwide data on healthcare products and services. For more information about GlobalNR, and the global healthcare study please contact Pieter Paul Verheggen (

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