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20 Feb 2013

UK Chefs Confident about meat supplies

UK Chefs Confident about meat supplies

The latest survey completed over the past week on JRA Research’s Chefs Panel*, shows widespread confidence amongst Chefs & Catering Managers about their meat supplies, despite recent revelations about horsemeat being found in beef products in the meat supply chain.

Over half of Chefs are confident enough with their suppliers to have taken no action so far, with most others confident after checking with their suppliers.

To date, fewer than 1 in 10 have reacted by either changing their supplier or making menu changes as a result of concerns over the horsemeat scandal.

The survey was completed over the past week by Chefs & Catering Managers on the online Chefs Panel run by JRA Research. JRA Research has been actively involved in conducting research into the Foodservice sector for over 20 years.

JRA Research will continue to track issues such as this, along with other developing trends in the Foodservice sector, via its new syndicated CATERPOLL survey. 

For enquiries, please contact:

Terry Wagstaff, Isla Cullingworth or Matt Coggan

Tel: +44 (0) 115 955 1133

* online interviews completed between 12th & 19th February 2013 by a sample of 180 Chefs & Catering Managers drawn from all sectors of the Foodservice Industry 

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