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The GlobalNR network spans 20 countries around the World.  Click on the countries below to find out out more about our members and the services that we provide.


Enfoque - Brazil

Enfoque Pesquisa is a full service Marketing Research Agency. Since 1988 we offer local  expertise in qualitative and quantitative projects all over Brazil.

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MORE Market & Opinion Research

MORE Market & Opinion Research - Chile

MORE Market & Opinion Research starts operations in July 2002 with a very clear MISSION:
"To offer our clients the information needed to develop successful business strategies with a professional assessment and the input of our qualified and motivated personnel".

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Hycon Research

Hycon Research - China

As one of the leading research companies in China, our mission is to satisfy our clients with reliable data quality and best customer service.

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ISS-Otantatutkimus Oy

ISS-Otantatutkimus Oy - Finland

Established in 1980, ISS-Otantatutkimus Oy is a full-service independent market research agency located in the center of Helsinki, specialized in the whole research process, experienced in all procedures involved, from planning the survey to reporting the findings. Services also include face-to-face presentation of results and utilisation consultancy.

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BVA - France

Founded more than 35 years ago, BVA is the 4th biggest generalist market research agency in France. In 2007, our revenue is 60 millions euros and we employ 310 colleagues.

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AMR GmbH - Germany

For over 20 years Advanced Market Research has been working in all areas of quantitative and qualitative research. AMR is a leading institute in Germany with international orientation.

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TECNOVA India Pvt. Ltd.

TECNOVA India Pvt. Ltd. - India

Tecnova provides a full range of market research services to global clients. Tecnova’s 30years experience in management consulting gives fillip as compared to stand alone market research firms. The industry expertise at Tecnova has developed and matured by servicing over 800 clients, enables cross sharing of knowledge and best industry practices.

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Interactive MR

Interactive MR - Italy

Interactive Market Research is a full service market research institute specialized in developing “ad hoc”
solutions to support clients’ marketing process.
Key advantage in working with IMR is the possibility of choosing both traditional and online methods (or a mix of
the two). An excellent fieldwork organization, professional interviewers and the best locations all make IMR a
reliable and easy-to-work-with partner for traditional research.
Fast data collection, hard-to-find respondents, advanced proprietary technology: these are the main benefits of
choosing IMR on line research. Clients can access IMR's proprietary on line panel (+220,000 households in Italy,
France, Germany, UK and Spain).

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R&D - Japan

R&D has 40 years of experience as a full-service marketing research company. We offer only superior services in our commitment to satisfy our clients, and have confidence in our capabilities for dealing with all of their individual needs.

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Hankook Research Ltd.

Hankook Research Ltd. - Korea

Lasting relationships with loyal clients over decades are our pride.

Hankook Research is the largest and oldest independent full service market research firm in Korea. Founded in October 1978, it has been widely acknowledged as the leader in developing and implementing new research techniques in an effort to fulfill the needs and wants of their global and local loyal clients. This was only possible because of the full time directors and executives are from a variety of diverse educational backgrounds and disciplines as psychology, sociology, economics, anthropology, mass media & communication, consumer behavior, and etc.

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MORE Market & Opinion Research

MORE Market & Opinion Research - Mexico

MORE Market & Opinion Research starts operations in July 2002 with a very clear MISSION:
"To offer our clients the information needed to develop successful business strategies with a professional assessment and the input of our qualified and motivated personnel".

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Opinion AS

Opinion AS - Norway

Opinion is the largest independent research agency in Norway, with 30 skilled and experienced research consultants.
The company was founded in 1986.
Opinion is a full service research agency providing a wide range of different studies from segmentation and
consumer insight to product, concept and communication testing. Understanding consumer motivation, drivers
and barriers is key to many of our projects. 

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Analisis e Investigacion

Analisis e Investigacion - Spain

Assuming our client’s information goals as our own and committing to high international quality standards are the key principles of how market research is conducted at AeI.

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ScandInfo Marketing Research AB

ScandInfo Marketing Research AB - Sweden

ScandInfo, owned by Jan-Inge Isacsson, Mats Wallgren, Martin Wiberg and Henrik Löfving, was started in 1982 and today has over 40 employees. We are one of the leading market research companies in Sweden.

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Jupiter MR Solutions

Jupiter MR Solutions - Thailand

Jupiter MR Solutions, Thailand was founded by veterans of research industry. Jupiter brings together the best of traditional and modern methods.  They are Pioneers in the MRO business, Head Quartered in Bangkok with Marketing offices in Singapore and India

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Motivaction International B.V.

Motivaction International B.V. - The Netherlands

Established in 1984, Motivaction developed into an internationally operating full-service research agency in the center of Amsterdam.

Situated on mainland Europe, Holland functions as a good test market for the rest of Europe. Amsterdam is also an excellent base for coordinating research in other European countries.

The Motivaction Group has 160 employees, six rooms for qualitative studies (video circuit and one-way mirrors), a call center for studies in the UK and mainland Europe, a European panel for online research and a multilingual staff.

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BMR Co. Businesslike Marketing Research

BMR Co. Businesslike Marketing Research - Turkey

BMR is a full service market research agency based in Istanbul. It was founded in 2005 by professionals with extensive experience in market research. Since it’s establishment, BMR has been growing rapidly in all aspects of business.

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JRA Research

JRA Research - United Kingdom

JRA Research have earned a reputation over the last 33 years for providing reliable research and actionable results, using both qualitative and quantitative.

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Market Probe International Inc

Market Probe International Inc - United States of America

Market Probe International, Inc. is a global market research company that provides business-to-business and consumer research, both quantitative and qualitative, throughout the U.S. and worldwide.

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