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AMR GmbH - Germany

For over 20 years Advanced Market Research has been working in all areas of quantitative and qualitative research. AMR is a leading institute in Germany with international orientation.

AMR studies are conducted with state-of-the-art methods and equipment in their 400 m2 test studio.

With customers including a number of Top-Fortune-Companies around the world, AMR has gained the expertise of working on a world-wide level. Leading brands and companies of all industries trust in AMR. Advanced Market Research is a member of ADM, BVM, MRS and Esomar.

AMR employees are acquainted with various cultures and languages and are highly professional in project management. Their customers can expect individual concepts, high engagement and the best service.

AMR always aims at being more cost-effective, quick, exact and trustworthy than the industry standard.

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Please contact Ulrich Buchholz directly on + 49 211 865 870 or via email.

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Postrasse 7
40213 Duesseldorf

Fax: Fax: + 49 211 865 87 15

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