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Assuming our client’s information goals as our own and committing to high international quality standards are the key principles of how market research is conducted at AeI.

AeI is one of the leading independent full-service agencies in Spain, offering complete range of research services, both qualitative and quantitative, across a variety of industries and addressing consumer and business audiences.

Offered methodologies are specifically designed for each project and will provide answers to marketing decision makers on all kinds of issues: ranging from communications and brands to product development, U&A, pricing, retailing, market segmentation, corporate reputation, trends and lifestyles, customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Established in 1987 and located in Madrid, AeI has over 50 employees plus its own separate fieldwork unit, AnĂ¡lisis Survey Unit. This means at AeI you will find under the same roof the management, the research teams, the CATI with 200 positions, the focus and viewing rooms (equipped with one-way mirrors, video circuit and live online video-streaming), the personal interviews supervisors and the data processing team.

Our International Research team, who are completely devoted to multi-country projects, will operate as your own research project manager in Spain in order to deliver the results needed for each assignment.

AeI is a member of ANEIMO (Spanish Market & Opinion Research Institutes Association), AEDEMO (Spanish Association of Researchers) as well as ESOMAR.

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Please contact Marta Manso directly on or via email.

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Orense, 68, 3°
28020 - Madrid, Spain

Tel: +34 91 571 27 77
Fax: +34 91 571 97 09

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