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Hankook Research Ltd. - Korea

Lasting relationships with loyal clients over decades are our pride.

Hankook Research is the largest and oldest independent full service market research firm in Korea. Founded in October 1978, it has been widely acknowledged as the leader in developing and implementing new research techniques in an effort to fulfill the needs and wants of their global and local loyal clients. This was only possible because of the full time directors and executives are from a variety of diverse educational backgrounds and disciplines as psychology, sociology, economics, anthropology, mass media & communication, consumer behavior, and etc.

With 150 full time employees, including in-house fieldwork teams, 100 CATI systems, 4 FGI rooms, and own web survey capacity, Hankook Research is fully equipped to conduct any quantitative, qualitative and web survey within a tight schedule. Research part is divided into 10 separate divisions, including Social & Political and Syndicated divisions. Headquarter in Seoul, capital, Hankook Research runs four regional offices in major cities, Busan, Daegu, Gwanju, and Daejeon and full-time supervisors and staffs are stationed.

Over the almost three decades, Hankook Research conducted countless projects in FMCG, automotive, finance, advertising, healthcare and IT sectors. Recently the number of project requests for IT, automotive, healthcare and web survey is increased substantially.

Continuously enhance your value, research value and company value! With the mission in heart, Hankook Research has a lot more to offer you than you imagine.

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Please contact Jaesun Jung directly on +82 10-6268-3266) or via email.

Contact Details

2-7 Floor, H-Tower Building 192-19, Nonhyun-dong Gangman-gu Seoul, Korea
Gangnam-gu, Seoul (135-826)
South Korea

Tel: + 82 (0)2 3014 0001
Fax: + 82 (0)2 3014 0770

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