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Motivaction International B.V. - The Netherlands

Established in 1984, Motivaction developed into an internationally operating full-service research agency in the center of Amsterdam.

Situated on mainland Europe, Holland functions as a good test market for the rest of Europe. Amsterdam is also an excellent base for coordinating research in other European countries.

The Motivaction Group has 160 employees, six rooms for qualitative studies (video circuit and one-way mirrors), a call center for studies in the UK and mainland Europe, a European panel for online research and a multilingual staff.

Motivaction International Research and Strategy offers models for qualitative and quantitative research in a wide range of industries, markets and audiences.

With Mentality™, their pioneering approach to social values research, they were the only research company to identify the present social unease among Dutch citizens as early as May 2001.

Motivaction is specialized in a range of research techniques including segmentation surveys, lifestyle research, communication and brand tracking, U&A studies, printed media research, communication score, work perception research, customer satisfaction and website research.

ITM International Research Facilitators is the ultramodern fieldwork organisation of the Motivaction Group.

ITM organises data collection by telephone, internet or face-to-face and delivers statistical data analyses and reports using State-of-the-Art technology.

ITM has developed a unique research tool called the Research Portal. This tool enables clients to conduct online research quickly and efficiently themselves, representing a true revolution in conducting research.

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Please contact Pieter Paul Verheggen directly on +31 (0)6 53 84 35 34 or via email.

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