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R&D has 40 years of experience as a full-service marketing research company. We offer only superior services in our commitment to satisfy our clients, and have confidence in our capabilities for dealing with all of their individual needs.

R&D has 110 full time employees, two fully equipped focus group interview rooms and two conference rooms for in-hall tests.

Our own network of interviewers located throughout the country. Our talented staff is able to both recruit respondents and conduct interviews. 880 interviewer through out the nation, covering 15 urban areas other than the Tokyo metropolitan area. 310 "Area Leaders" in the Tokyo metropolitan area run private panels of potential respondents in their own neighborhoods. This is a resource that allows R&D to conduct projects among respondents with low rates of incidence.

R&D is capable of both Business-to-Business and Business- to-Consumer surveys using a variety of methodologies. Our specialty is Business-to-Consumer, especially in the fields of product development, market views, brand concept and communication, customer satisfaction, and consumer lifestyles.

Since 1982, we have used our own original study to analyze basic consumer trends, as well as demands, priorities and attitudes of all demographic groups aged 18 to 74. This study is conducted annually with a panel of approximately 3000 samples, and our findings over the years have resulted in a deep understanding of Japanese consumers. We use the knowledge we have acquired to grasp consumer lifestyles and a sense of their values as reflected in purchasing behavior.

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Please contact Yoichi Yamamoto directly on + 81-3-5642-7717 or via email.

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Ningyocho Center Bldg. 1-4-10
Tokyo 103-0013, Japan

Tel: + 81-3-5642-7717
Fax: + 81-3-5642-7732

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