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ScandInfo Marketing Research AB - Sweden

ScandInfo, owned by Jan-Inge Isacsson, Mats Wallgren, Martin Wiberg and Henrik Löfving, was started in 1982 and today has over 40 employees. We are one of the leading market research companies in Sweden.

Customer Satisfaction
Brand Development
Concept and Product Development
Employee Satisfaction
Qualitative Studies

We produce solutions that turn market information into specific tools to achieve the goals set. Our vision is to be Sweden's most prominent actor in these fields.

Strong brands sell more. Good concepts lead to tryouts and good products to repurchases. Satisfied customers are more loyal and less price sensitive. In turn, satisfied customers are generated by satisfied employees. Building strong brands and achieving high customer satisfaction are important factors for a company's profitability. With correctly designed market research, you obtain knowledge about how these are developing and you can control the business better. Qualitative studies can be used in all contexts to obtain a deeper understanding and capture the nuances. We have solutions that provide our customers with crucial information as a base for increased profitability.

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Please contact Henrik Löfving directly on +46 70 949 24 09 or via email.

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ScandInfo Marketing Research AB
Kungsgatan 42 - 44
PO Box 3163
S-400 10 Goteborg

Tel: + 46 31 743 4400
Fax: + 46 31 743 4490

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