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Triconsult GmbH - Austria

Triconsult delivers top quality services to provide a sound basis for successful marketing.

Their understanding of quality encompasses the skills and competency of Triconsult staff, scientific know-how, creativity, and most of all, their focus on clients' interests.

Triconsult is an ad-hoc institution out of conviction: If you tailor your services to the needs of the specific tasks and jobs at hand, you cannot offer standard solutions. What is offered is best described as full service.

Full service is more than an abundance of procedures and methods, more than the ability to offer everything under one roof - one staff member following through from briefing to presentation, careful rebriefing, optimal implementation and data processing for immediate use of the information gleaned.

Full service also means that keeping to agreed costs and deadlines is an absolute principle.

Being one of the leading market research institutes in Austria, Triconsult believes that it is their duty to use the full range of procedures and methods available. As an institute working on an ad-hoc basis, it feels that the most appropriate procedure has to be applied on a case-by-case basis for the benefit of a client.

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Please contact Dr. Felix Josef directly on +43 664 16 00 228 or via email.

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Lange Gasse 30
A-1080 Wien

Tel: +43 1 408 49 31
Fax: +43 1 409 91 89

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